All answers are based on Lisa Snowdon’s personal experience. Individual patient results may vary.

So Lisa, why are you sharing your CoolSculpting® story?

“When I find something that works for me, I just love to tell people about it. And I think it's really important that women and men know that this treatment is out there.” - Lisa Snowdon.

What was your CoolSculpting® journey?

“My CoolSculpting Journey started when I went for an appointment and had a consultation with the doctor, I showed her my areas of concern. She said I was a good candidate for CoolSculpting. I went away, had a little think about it. Went back on my day of treatment, took some before pictures. She drew on my legs. We did the treatment in and out really quickly, no downtime whatsoever. And I went back about two months later, we did a new set of photos. We compared the before and afters, and I was really happy with the results.

What areas can be treated with CoolSculpting®?

“So CoolSculpting can treat many areas so you can treat the double chin. Some men can do the chest area backs of arms, tummy, flanks, and inner thighs.” - Lisa Snowdon.

What happened during your CoolSculpting® consultation?

“So in my Consultation. I showed the doctor my area of concern. She assessed the area , my inner thighs, and she told me that I would be a good candidate. So I asked her all the questions that we usually ask, and I took away all that information and had a little think about it.” - Lisa Snowdon.

How long did your CoolSculpting® treatment take?

“So my CoolSculpting treatment took 35 minutes, but depending on the area, it can take over an hour. ” - Lisa Snowdon.

Does CoolSculpting® hurt?

“So it's different for everyone. So for me, the sensation was tingling at first, then extreme coldness. It goes cold because the treatment's called CoolSculpting. It's freezing the fat and then it just goes numb. And you don't feel anything, just reading a magazine, checking emails, and then once the applicator's come off and the doctor massages the area to get the blood flow back, I say it's more unusual than anything else, but definitely for me, there was no pain, but it's different for everybody.” - Lisa Snowdon.

What is the recovery time after CoolSculpting®?

“Because CoolSculpting is completely non-surgical. There is minimal downtime for most people.” - Lisa Snowdon

Does CoolSculpting® actually work?

“CoolSculpting has worked for me and it's given me extra confidence in my body. My jeans fit me really well, and it really does complement my lifestyle.” - Lisa Snowdon.