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What is Pseudogynecomastia?

Pseudogynecomastia, commonly known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’, is the result of having excess fat situated over the pectoral muscles on the chest. The term pseudogynecomastia has developed from the original medical condition of gynecomastia. From appearances, the conditions can appear the same, with excess tissue giving the impression of male breasts.

However, the underlying causes differ. Gynecomastia develops due to a hormonal imbalance of estrogen and testosterone, which can cause the breast tissue to swell and sometimes become painful. ‘Man boobs’ are formed due to pseudogynecomastia, which is caused by fat deposition.

How can you treat pseudogynecomastia?

In theory, the excess fat storage leading to pseudogynecomastia may be reduced by general weight loss. This is occasionally achieved with the combination of a healthy diet and regular aerobic activity.

However, healthy dieting and exercise may not able to target fat loss in a specific area. When localised areas of fat storage, such as the man boobs, remain stubborn, CoolSculpting® is an effective non-invasive option of treatment.

How does CoolSculpting® reduce moobs?

With over eight million procedures performed worldwide5*, Coolsculpting® is the leading non-invasive treatment for fat reduction.6† Coolsculpting® freezes the fat cells to destroy them. The body then naturally removes the dead cells, leading to significant fat reduction in targeted areas.

What can I expect during a CoolSculpting® treatment?

Many people considering a CoolSculpting® procedure question what to expect. Your first, free-of-charge appointment is a one-to-one consultation with one of our medical professionals. They will explore your fat loss goals and treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

During the CoolSculpting® procedure, an applicator will be placed on your targeted area. The vacuum created then carefully pulls your area of fat inside, cooling the cells with a very cold temperature. The procedure is relatively painless; however, some patients report an unusual, mild tugging sensation, as well as an intense cold as the cells freeze.

How much does the treatment of pseudogynecomastia with CoolSculpting® cost?

At your initial appointment, your CoolSculpting® specialist will discuss every aspect of your treatment plan. As every course of CoolSculpting® is customised towards your individual requirements, the number of treatments required and, therefore, the cost will vary.

What results can I expect from my CoolSculpting® chest fat removal treatment?

CoolSculpting® is beneficial in helping individuals gain more body confidence with its proven results. Some patients require multiple procedures to achieve their goals, and it can take between two to six months for the differences to be visible.

However, by freezing the fat cells, they are removed permanently and, therefore, by following a healthy lifestyle, the results will be maintained.

You can see the difference achieved with a CoolSculpting® treatment in our Before and After Gallery.

Based on HCP tracking market research in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia (n=526), and global market research of the overall body shaping and skin tightening market

* Patients may require more than one treatment to reach desired outcome.

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