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What Causes Back Fat?

With our arms and chest most active during our day-to-day activities, storage of fat around the back area can be something we experience. There are three main areas where back fat may be found:

  • Lower back – areas of fat above the buttocks that may protrude at the back over your trouser line
  • Mid back – back fat rolls located at the back of the waist and midline
  • Upper back – areas of fat distending around the shoulder blades, bra line and toward the armpits

Sometimes there are common causes underlying the accumulation of back fat. Medical conditions, certain medications and genetics can lead to fat storage in distinct areas; however, in the majority of cases, fat storage is a manifestation of being overweight or obese.

Being overweight or obese is a result of consuming more calories than are burnt through exercise or activity, and these excess calories are stored as fat. Low activity levels, unhealthy dietary habits or both factors are contributing to this surplus in calories.

How can you get rid of back fat?

A healthy diet combined with regular aerobic activity will help to reduce your overall body fat. Include targeted strength exercises for your back to improve muscle tone in this area. While these methods will help you lose body fat overall, they most likely will not be effective in targeting specific areas.

CoolSculpting® has been developed for localised fat loss, used to treat stubborn areas of concern. The procedure, also known as Cryolipolysis®, is FDA-cleared and has become the leading non-invasive treatment for fat reduction.

How can CoolSculpting® be used to remove back fat?

CoolSculpting® uses controlled cooling to freeze the cells. These cells die and are removed by the body’s natural inflammatory process. Reviews of clinical data have shown CoolSculpting® to result in significant fat reduction when used for localised areas.

What happens during a CoolSculpting® procedure?

Before receiving a CoolSculpting® treatment, all patients attend a free one-to-one initial consultation with a medical professional to identify the areas of back fat and design your treatment plan. During the appointment, the specialist will explain what to expect during a CoolSculpting® procedure, and answer any questions you may have.

When receiving your treatment, an applicator will be used to carefully suck in the targeted back fat, exposing it to cold temperatures to freeze the cells. At this point, you may experience a mild tugging sensation, accompanied by a feeling of intense cold before the area numbs.

What is the price of a CoolSculpting® back fat removal treatment?

Most patients have individual fat loss goals, and, therefore, receive a customised treatment plan. The size and number of areas targeted determine how many procedures are required, and this is reflected in the cost.

When will I see results from my CoolSculpting® back fat removal treatment?

As the body processes the dead fat cells, it can take between two and six months for the results from a CoolSculpting® treatment to be visible. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle going forward, these results can be long-lasting. Our Before and After Gallery illustrates the results gained from using CoolSculpting® to treat stubborn areas of fat storage.

Based on HCP tracking market research in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia (n=526), and global market research of the overall body shaping and skin tightening market

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