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Is armpit fat removal possible with CoolSculpting®?

Coolsculpting® is the world’s number one non-invasive body contouring treatment.*  As one of the few procedures that actually destroys fat cells, it’s little wonder why there have been eight million Coolsculpting® treatments and counting.**  But is armpit fat removal possible with Coolsculpting®?

Here we’ll talk about why Coolsculpting® is a great way to target that stubborn armpit fat, and what to do next if you think it could be right for you.

CoolSculpting® armpit fat removal: how does it work?

CoolSculpting® is a CE marked and FDA-cleared fat freezing treatments device, and that’s why our treatment comes recommended.  82% of satisfied patients have been happy to recommend CoolSculpting®, but how does it work?

Armpits can be an easy place for a woman’s body to store stubborn pockets of fat, which can cause the armpit to bulge and then you may have small pockets of fat that sit at the front of your chest area between your armpit and your bra strap.  Medically we refer to these pockets of fat near your armpit as auxiliary puffs, which can be a difficult area to target with diet and exercise.  While we recommend adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise, you may still struggle to shift the more stubborn fat cells in specific areas of your body.  That’s where CoolSculpting® can help.

CoolSculpting® freezes the fat cells under your skin in targeted areas, destroying them altogether.  The death of cells is a process called apoptosis, then your body naturally gets rid of these dead fat cells, the same way it does with all other cells that have died.  Did you know that within your body millions of cells die every minute?   Another word you may have come across is cryolipolysis.  That’s the scientific word for fat freezing, where fat cells within a targeted area are cooled until they freeze, die and then removed by the body, therefore reducing the fat layer in that area.  This is the science that CoolSculpting® is based on, and we have had 20 years of research and development by leading clinicians.

So, what happens during a procedure?  CoolSculpting® does not use any needles or invasive surgery.  Once in your clinic of choice, their trained practitioner will use a CoolSculpting® applicator, apply this to the area to be treated with a vacuum, this gently pulls the stubborn armpit fat inside, ready to be cooled.  The fat cells are then chilled, causing them to crystallise and be destroyed.  Then, over the following months, your body will dispose of these dead cells using its natural inflammatory cleaning process.

This can be done during one session or may require a second treatment.  How many sessions you'll need for effective underarm fat removal will depend on your body and the volume of fat reduction you are looking for, but your practitioner will discuss this with you during your initial consultation.

Does CoolSculpting® hurt?  Some patients do experience a slight tugging sensation when the armpit fat is pulled into the applicator, but this is usually only a very mild discomfort.  CoolSculpting® may feel very cold at first, but that initial tingling coldness subsides as your armpits become numb.   You may feel a dull ache, swelling, or tingling for up to two weeks after the treatment has taken place.

How long before CoolSculpting® armpit fat results show?

The effects of CoolSculpting® are seen over time.  You'll see results within twelve weeks, and, so long as you keep up a healthy lifestyle, the treatment will be long-lasting.  Take a look through our before and after gallery here.

How much does CoolSculpting® armpit fat cost?

CoolSculpting® is a treatment that’s tailored to you, your body and the goals that you have. The cost depends on the individual and the treatment plan you decide with your practitioner, so the best way to find out how much it will cost for you is to arrange a consultation at your nearest clinic.  These sessions are often free and allow you to discuss with your practitioner whether this is a treatment that is right for you and what your subsequent treatment will look like.

You can find out more about these in our blog post on the cost of CoolSculpting®.

Choose CoolSculpting® for a more confident you

Once your consultation is complete and your practitioner has determined that CoolSculpting® treatment is right for you, you will then be able to discuss the plans the CoolSculpting® clinic offers, if you want to treat several areas together.

Use our clinic locator to find your nearest clinic offering the CoolSculpting® treatment.

* Based on HCP tracking market research in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia (n=526), and global market research of the overall body shaping and skin tightening market  

** Patients may require more than one treatment to reach desired outcome. As of July 2019.

Data obtained from cryolipolysis investigations using a pig model.

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