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How Long Do CoolSculpting® Results Last?

CoolSculpting® is now the no.1 non-invasive body contouring treatment. It’s also one of the few procedures that reduces fat cells for good, and if you keep up a healthy lifestyle you’ll maintain your results. That is unless you’re so impressed you want to treat your other problem areas.

But before we get into that, let’s look at what you can expect, how long it takes for results to appear, and how to maintain a sculpted body you’ll never want to cover up.

What can I expect from my CoolSculpting® results?

If you’ve read about CoolSculpting® in our FAQs page, you’ll know that we provide a procedure called cryolipolysis (fat-freezing), which is based on the simple discovery that fat is susceptible to cold.

You may have also read that having treatment can reduce pockets of stubborn fat by up to 27% after six months*. But what makes CoolSculpting® so effective?

The answer involves some science and 20 years research and development. When fat cells are frozen, they crystallise and die, which is called apoptosis. Your body then naturally removes the dead fat cells through the body’s inflammatory clearing process, which is why it can take up to 12 weeks to see final results. CoolSculpting® removes fat cells for good, as does liposuction, but the benefit of CoolSculpting® is that it is completely non-invasive and has little to no downtime. And that goes for all areas CoolSculpting® can treat, including your chin, torso, upper arms, thighs and back.

As for what to expect, you’ll start to notice your body becoming more sculpted in the coming months. Areas that have been treated, like your sides, begin to sculpt in as the excess fat fades away. You can see this more in our before and after gallery. As for the question of how long do CoolSculpting® results last, the answer is long-term — so long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle there onwards.

What you can do to make the most of your results?

The next thing you might be wondering is how to speed up CoolSculpting® results. It’s a valid question, and one we often receive from our patients (we’ve performed over eight million treatments to date**). The truth is CoolSculpting® is a gradual process, and results won’t happen overnight. That’s the pay-off for an effective and long-lasting treatment.

However, drinking plenty of water and having a healthy diet are all good ways to keep your body functioning and processing as it should — that includes getting rid of toxins and dead cells. But rest assured, you’ll receive everything you need to know from your practitioner during an initial consultation and in the aftercare stage of your CoolSculpting® treatment.

One of the reasons the clinics we work with give a massage after treatment is because it improves your results. According to research, this can improve the outcome by 68% in the first two months. But results aside, the best way to keep on top of a healthy-looking and more confident you is to stay active and eat well. We may be removing the fat from one area of your body, but a diet that’s too calorific can mean that fat returns in other areas. Once you’ve had treatment, you’ll be less concerned about what to wear or if you should cover up when going to the gym.

Everything we’ve talked about can be found in our what to expect guide. Alternatively, if you’ve done your research, clinics which offer CoolSculpting® are able to answer any other questions or to see if CoolSculpting® is right for your fat loss plans.

Find out more about CoolSculpting®

The medical-led clinics we work with consult and treat their patients by working with their individual body shape and ideal goals. Unwanted fat and body shape can be an emotional topic but the clinics that can provide CoolSculpting® offer the care and sensitivity you’d expect when embarking on this medical treatment and fat reduction journey.

But this is about you, not them. If you want to find out more information about CoolSculpting®, contact your nearest clinic, who will be able to take you through more information, and book you in for a consultation. To ensure you are contacting a genuine CoolSculpting® clinic we advise that you use our online clinic locator to find your nearest clinic.

Our goal is to help sculpt a more confident you that looks forward to looking in the mirror for weeks, months and years after.

† Based on HCP tracking market research in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia (n=526), and global market research of the overall body shaping and skin tightening market

* Patients may require more than one treatment to reach desired outcome.

27% refers specifically to the abdomen.

** Patients may require more than one treatment to reach desired outcome as of July 2019.

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