As the world’s number 1 body contouring treatment,* we are proud to introduce a new era for CoolSculpting®, to increase opportunities for you and your patients.1-4

Welcome to the new CoolSculpting® ELITE experience.

Ahead of
the Curve

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CoolSculpting® ELITE now has the chiller power to deliver reliable cooling consistency across dual applicators.2,4 Fully harnessing our original, category-creating cryolipolysis technology,* this system is designed to boost your practice efficiency.†2-8

2 in 1

With our dual applicators, CoolSculpting® ELITE can cut the time your patients spend in the chair, while applicator detachability helps you perform a slick transition from treatment to treatment.‡2

Future Forward

CoolSculpting® ELITE has a slim and sophisticated, contemporary design to fit seamlessly into your practice. From its modern user interface to its detachable applicator heads, this system is ready to shape your potential with every treatment.2

from Start to Finish

As part of its sleek set-up, a universal smart card works across all applicators and the areas of the body they treat, giving you flexibility with each cycle.2

Available in 7 shapes and sizes, CoolSculpting® ELITE delivers an applicator tool kit to maximise your contouring capabilities.2,11

Designed to


Integrated Contour

Fewer parts and fast set-up4

Compact With Coverage

Compact size with larger cooling area than current applicators††11

C The Difference

C-shaped cups designed to complement the body's natural curves, to treat most areas of the body2,11

Clean & Simple

Removable gel trap for a simple clean-up procedure2

Built For Ease

Detachable applicators and umbilicals are lighter to facilitate handling during treatments††2,11

Secure Channels

Elongated vacuum channels are ergonomically designed to improve suction and create a secure placement‡‡11,12

Safety First

Freeze Detect® and CoolControl thermal sensors monitor tissue during cooling to optimise patient outcomes2

Streamlined Workflow



Treatment Planning

New contour-shaped 3D templates designed to aid patient assessment and marking11


No assembly required for all-in-one applicators, no cup liners to prepare, and no cards to switch with the universal smart card2,4


Lighter system and lighter, detachable applicator heads, designed for easy handling3,4,11


Integrated massage timer, and clean-up made simple by removable applicator gel traps2

Patient Insights

CoolConnect™ helps planning by providing patient treatment patterns and history

Our card
is smart

The CoolSculpting® ELITE system uses universal smart cards.¶2 Any one smart card can be used to perform any treatment, regardless of which applicator is used or which body area is treated – giving you flexibility.2

CARD SKUs: 30, 50, 100

The Elite Experience


Modern User

Service & Support§

Sleek & Sophisticated
New Design


Smart Card

Applicator Heads

Join a Partnership

5 Steps to Success

To facilitate integration in every practice, CoolSculpting® provides ‘5 Steps to Success’ – a recipe tested in over 5000 clinics.13,14


An industry-leading training programme offered to all clinic staff where they receive in-depth, high-quality training over three days. You will learn how to give your patients the full CoolSculpting® ELITE experience and increase the success of CoolSculpting® in your clinic.

Clinics that have attended CoolSculpting®Ed have 58% greater clinical usage compared with those that have not attended.§§15

Practice Development Manager

A dedicated PDM will support you with a smooth set-up of CoolSculpting® ELITE in your clinic. They drive the implementation of the ‘5 Steps to Success’ and ensure staff and the wider clinic receive ongoing support and in-office training to assist in optimal patient outcomes.


A connectivity platform enabling you to analyse and measure the integration of CoolSculpting® ELITE into your business. CoolConnect™ uncovers areas of opportunity at the touch of a button.

Patient Awareness Tools

Materials specially created to maximise awareness of CoolSculpting® ELITE in your practice, to help expand your potential client base.

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Date of preparation: August 2021

*Referring to the original CoolSculpting® system, this is based on HCP tracking market research in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, China and Australia (N=526), and global market research of the overall body shaping and skin tightening market. **Cryolipolysis was originally developed using a prototype CoolSculpting® device. Data obtained from cryolipolysis investigations using a pig model. † This is based on the dual applicator feature of the CoolSculpting® ELITE system, whereby two applicators can be used simultaneously per treatment, compared with the single applicator usage by the first-generation CoolSculpting® system.2,3 For example, two 35-minute cycles with CoolSculpting® ELITE applicators can be performed simultaneously (40 minutes total for treatment, including a 5 minute offset in start times), whereas the equivalent treatment would be sequential with the first-generation CoolSculpting® system (70 minutes total for treatment, i.e. two 35-minute treatments).2,9,10 Therefore, time in the chair is reduced, with twice the number of treatments being performed in the same amount of time. ‡ Compared with the first-generation CoolSculpting® system. The CoolSculpting® ELITE system applicators can be disconnected from the umbilical, (for C120, C150, C240, F125, and F165 applicators, excluding C80 and S150 applicators), which is not a feature of applicators used with the first-generation CoolSculpting® system - thus not detailed in its respective user manual.2,3 ‡‡Data are based on the Fit and Function study to test the V003 prototype cup design and further aid VO03 cup development. Four rounds of testing of the V003 cups were performed to evaluate fit, via clinician assessment of tissue contact and vacuum seal, and patients’ perceived pain felt during vacuum draw. Tissue draws were performed in the absence of any alterations in temperature being applied to the tissue. N=68 patients tested (N=41 unique patients). ††Vs. CoolAdvantage™ applicators. ¶ All applicators operate from the same card. The card provides treatments and profiles for use with the system.2 § Dedicated Practice Development Managers provide ongoing support and ‘5 Steps to Success’. §§International results as of March 2018.

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